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Experience the essence of Moroccan hospitality with our tea sessions. Learn the art of brewing mint tea, engage in cultural exchange, and savor traditional pastries in a warm, inviting atmosphere.


1. Traditional Preparation: Discover the art of brewing Moroccan mint tea.

2. Cultural Exchange: Engage in lively conversations and learn about Moroccan traditions.

3. Warm Hospitality: Experience the generosity and warmth of Moroccan hospitality.

4. Delightful Treats: Indulge in Moroccan pastries paired perfectly with your tea.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Location: Authentic Moroccan settings

Suitability: Ideal for individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

Join us for a memorable Moroccan tea experience, where every sip tells a story of tradition and culture.

Introduction to Moroccan Tea Culture:

  • Begin with an introduction to the rich tradition of Moroccan tea culture, exploring its historical significance and cultural importance in Moroccan society.

Tea Ingredients and Preparation:

  • Learn about the key ingredients used in Moroccan tea, including green tea leaves, fresh mint, and sugar.
  • Receive step-by-step instruction on the traditional Moroccan tea preparation process, from boiling the water to steeping the tea and adding the perfect amount of mint and sugar.

Tea Tasting Experience:

  • Engage in a sensory tea tasting experience, sampling different varieties of Moroccan tea to appreciate the subtle differences in flavor and aroma.
  • Discover the art of tea appreciation, learning how to identify the quality and characteristics of Moroccan tea through sight, smell, and taste.

Tea Ceremony Demonstration:

  • Witness a captivating tea ceremony demonstration by experienced tea masters, who will showcase the intricate rituals and techniques involved in serving Moroccan tea with grace and elegance.

Hands-On Tea Making Session:

  • Roll up your sleeves and participate in a hands-on tea making session, practicing your tea preparation skills under the guidance of expert instructors.
  • Learn the art of pouring tea from a traditional Moroccan teapot, mastering the graceful movements and gestures that accompany this time-honored ritual.

Cultural Insights and Traditions:

  • Gain insight into the cultural significance of Moroccan tea in daily life, including its role in social gatherings, hospitality, and religious ceremonies.
  • Explore the etiquette and customs associated with serving and drinking tea in Moroccan culture, from the proper way to hold a tea glass to the symbolic meaning behind each sip.

Interactive Discussion and Q&A:

  • Engage in an interactive discussion and Q&A session with your hosts, where you can ask questions, share your impressions, and deepen your understanding of Moroccan tea culture.

Conclusion and Refreshments:

  • Conclude the session with a refreshing cup of Moroccan tea served with traditional pastries or sweets, allowing you to savor the flavors of Morocco and reflect on your tea journey.
  1. Tea Ingredients: All necessary ingredients for Moroccan tea preparation, including green tea leaves, fresh mint, and sugar.
  2. Tea Tasting: Sampling of different varieties of Moroccan tea to experience a range of flavors and aromas.
  3. Hands-On Experience: Participation in a hands-on tea making session, practicing tea preparation skills under guidance.
  4. Cultural Insights: Insights into Moroccan tea culture, including its history, traditions, and social significance.
  5. Interactive Discussion: Engagement in an interactive discussion and Q&A session to deepen understanding.
  6. Refreshments: Enjoyment of Moroccan tea served with traditional pastries or sweets at the conclusion of the session.
  1. Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses incurred during the session, such as souvenirs or additional food and drink, are not included.
  2. Gratuities: Gratuities for instructors or staff are not included and are at the discretion of participants.
  3. Optional Activities: Any optional activities or extensions beyond the standard tea session may incur additional charges.
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